The Merchant

The merchant is loaded with three cubes of the same kind of goods and sails toward a port which would buy them at a good price

At the Port

For each merechandise sold, you earn the value shown in the port in golden doubloons.

The Pirate

It travels along trade routes

...and when it meets a merchant in its path...
it attacks!

The loot: 2 doubloons and a merchandise

Pirate and Navy Ship

The pirate continues along its way and buries its treasure on an island, to gain 3 extra doubloons

But the pirates must take care...

The navy ship intercepts the pirate and sinks it, for a bonus of 2 doubloons!

Development Cards

With these ill-gotten doubloons, you can purchase one (and only one) of these cards at the end of the turn.

Trigger the end of the game by buying the rightmost card of the line.

Click on the cards!

Fortune cards

The navigation cards will give you fortune cards.
These can only be used once, but allow you to create amazing effects!
Create paying combinations with the development cards.