The authors

  • Matt Dunstan

    My gaming life probably started when my aunt gave me a travel Chess set for my 7th birthday.
    My schoolmates and the teachers I forced to play with me each recess probably wouldn’t be surprised by my current hobby!

    I grew up in Australia, in a small country town you’ve probably never heard of (Muswellbrook), but one summer, I got to play Settlers of Catan at a friend’s, and my fate was sealed.

    When I moved to Cambridge, in 2010, I met Brett, and even though we argue like an old couple once in a while, I think we make an excellent team (as long as Brett plays red).

    Elysium is the first physical result of our work, so I have a few messages to broadcast:
    - First of all, thanks to Brett for being an excellent friend, and an even better creation partner.
    - Thanks to the Space Cowboys team, whose passion and minutiae have allowed us to create a magnificent game.
    - Thanks to our generous and tireless playtesters, in Cambridge and in London.

    Finally, I’ll thank my family and Terezie who support me in all my oddness (and I hope my love for them manages to balance it out!).

  • Brett J. Gilbert

    These brave Space Cowboys asked me to write something about myself.
    Frankly, I’d rather write about them!

    Matt and I greatly appreciate their absolute faith in our ideas, and the incredibly creative development work, which transformed our game into something mythological, pleasant… and particularly aesthetic.
    Moving on to my co-creator and Essen comrade-in-arms, Matt.
    Without his enthusiasm and his talent, this game would have simply never seen the light of day. This kind of collaboration actually consists of managing a “creative conflict”, a conflict which doesn’t get resolved through compromise, but through the ability to recognize that the other person’s idea is better than your own.
    The result of these sessions (astonishingly pleasant, actually) is always uncertain, and this explains my state of excitement and stress, as the final date (for the release!) approaches.

    I finally need to thank our playtester friends, who are always up for it (and loving it), and who have allowed us to finish the game, especially the members of Playtest UK in Cambridge and in Londres. Eclectic, eccentric, and not that easily impressed… you’ll recognize yourselves!

    And me? There’d be more to say, but I’ve unfortunately run out of space…

The 8 artists

  • Cari

    illustrated Apollon

    Surrounded by testosterone and dubious jokes, Cari spent six years animating 3D monsters, guns, and big robotic machines for the world of videogames.
    After that, she finally decided to return to her initial passion: drawing.

    Elysium is her very first project as a professional illustrator, so be nice!

    Even though as a general rule she prefers drawing babes with a curvy attitude, Cari still enjoyed working with this nice gallery of artists, each as gifted as the next one, and would greatly like to thank Philippe Mouret for giving her this chance.
    See you soon!

  • John McCambridge

    illustrated Arès

    As the song says, I‘m a bit of a Wild Rover, I was born in Ballycastle, in the county of Antrim, in Northern Ireland.
    I moved to France after having finished university, and worked both as a freelance illustrator and concept artist in videogames.
    I went back to live in the United Kingdom in 2006 before settling down in Warsaw in Poland for a few years. Nonetheless, I’ve always kept in touch with France as it’s a nexus when it comes to creation and I continued to work on covers for comic books (Durandal and Troie for Soleil éditions).

    I grew up with folk tales which gave me a passion for history and legends from around the world.
    Due to this, it was great to work with the Space Cowboys team beside other such talented artists on this project; Elysium was an incredible project for me, combining many of my passions: the legends, mythology, and Greek history. To end on a personal note, I now live in Cambridgeshire, the flat country in eastern England, with my partner Sarah and my son Fergus.

  • Vincent Dutrait

    illustrated Athéna

    Working always and again with paint and brushes on paper for two decades, I learned illustration at the Emile Cohl school, where I went later to teach.
    I’ve developed my main themes, which are fantasy and adventure in children’s books, the world of roleplaying games, and, for a few years, I feel like I’m on familiar ground with boardgames.

    A world which allows me to take part in surprising projects such as Elysium, worked on by many hands, gathering deeply complex world and different writing!

  • Pascal Quidault

    illustrated Hadès

    After having used a few stylus leads in the refined and upper-crust world of jewelry with Splendor, the want and the need to dive into more playful, colored, and childish worlds was seriously making itself felt.

    It’s thus without a moment’s hesitation that to illustrate my part of the Elysium project, I chose Hades: The god of the dead.

    Fun, glitter, balls, sparkles… err… wait a minute…

  • Didier Poli

    illustrated Héphaïstos

    After a few years spent sharpening my weapons at Emile Cohl then at the Gobelins, it was in animation that I lived through my first skirmishes.

    I’ve since visited all battlefields (comics, videogames, boardgames, commercials …) with a few feats of arms of which I’m rather proud.
    For a few years now, I’ve been especially focused on character design and artistic direction, but I don’t turn down, as in this case, coming to have fun on the turf of my illustrating colleagues.

    As I’m a super fan of Greek mythology, Elysium was a perfect project for me… and what a board!
    An honor to be among these people, thanks Philippe.

  • Emmanuel Roudier

    illustrated Hermès

    Greetings to all players!
    What fun to set aside my prehistoric characters for a while, to illustrate these few cards for Elysium.

    And what cards! Could anyone dream of better than Hermes, the kewlest of all the gods of Olympus, the most chic with his hat and Italian shoes, and also the most mysterious (those in the know will understand…)?

    It was a real pleasure to get back to illustrating games after over ten years.
    I really felt I had the soul of a Space Cowboy and I deeply thank Philippe Mouret for having invited me to join the team as the rocket’s engines were already beginning to heat up!

    Good gaming.
    © Chloé Vollmer-Lo

  • Eric Bourgier

    illustrated Poséidon

    These small side incursions into boardgames are always a moment of real pleasure and remain a moment of true freedom, going even as far as moments of investigation into what makes up my job: drawing. Coming from the world of comics, drawing is present, but the creation of an illustration is a strong, dense, and brief moment.

    A moment where the excitement of the early years when faced with a blank page instantly comes back.

    Thanks, therefore, to these young Space Cowboys (well, young-ish…) for this game which, I hope, will charm you.
    And now, on your marks, get ready, play!!!

  • Sylvain Guinebaud / Bruno Tatti

    illustrated Zeus

    Sylvain Guinebaud, born in 1973, is a cartoonist and illustrator.
    After a Degree in Visual Arts, he worked with François Froideval, Ange, Nicolas Mitric, and also Herik Hanna on various comic book projects.
    He also worked on the following games: “Guardians Chronicles”, “Pina Pirata”, “Eden”, “Drakerys”, etc.

    Bruno Tatti alias Stambecco is a colorist/illustrator. Self-taught, he went to the Gobelins to further his knowledge of visual arts and broaden his horizons.

    One meeting led to another, and he entered the world of comics as a colorist, all the while making small detours to visit the worlds of illustration, press, children’s books, etc…