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“You are one of us, now. The gift of the Elois has been transmitted to you and we will teach you how to make the best out of it. But you must be careful. You only have enemies here. I am going to tell you exactly how you will have to answer their questions for the next six hours and they will let you go.

It’s been five minutes since you left your transfer caisson. Less than six minutes ago you lived in the body of a receptacle, nearly into a thousand years past. Just the thought of it makes you dizzy and you hold on tight on the walls of the shower stall. Your head is spinning. The warm water running all over your skin is not helping.

This receptacle has been… bitten. Through him, you have felt this obscure energy seep in your blood and your soul. The feeling of a rebirth, a total reprograming of each one of your cells while this thing was drinking your blood. This feeling of an absolute transformation sticks inexorably to you… And yet, it was the receptacle that was bitten, not you. So why this dizziness, this nausea? Why does this eldritch feeling linger?

Noises come from the lockers, shouts. Someone yells to hurry. You hear your colleagues shout, and doors slam. What is going on out there? And then, all of a sudden, a woman gets into your shower stall. The water soaks her clothes, but she could not care less. No time to argue, she presses her hand against your mouth and her weight pushes you to the wall. Her stare is of a strange ember color and she locks eyes with you. This girl is dominating you just by the power of her will, she leans against you while the showerhead keeps flooding you.

When she removes her hand, a needle twists in your side. She just gave you a shot between the ribs. An incredible warmth invades your body. “Zip it! I’m feeding you,” she whispers. “You don’t want them to see us together. When you’ll get out, they will be waiting for you; the guys from the Consortium’s secret police. They will want to interrogate you. There’s a pill in your left shoe. You must take it before the quarantine. The effect will last less than six hours, but you’ll be able to lie without getting caught, it will beat the lie-detector. You must hide the truth.” She moves away a little, listening to the conversation sounds coming from the lockers. The water has stopped spraying. Her dark hair sticks to her face, and only one of her glowing irises remains visible.

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Then, you will meet me at the Red-Light club, outside the Agency. There, I will begin your initiation.”