The Space Cowboy games.

  • Splendor

    A fast, tactical, and addictive game!

    Playable with two, three, or four players. Splendor can be explained in 5 minutes and plays in half an hour.

  • T.I.M.E Stories

    Become a temporal agent in a narrative decksploration game.

  • Via Nebula

    Civilize a fertile valley with paths covered by dark clouds.

  • Elysium

    Take on the role of a demigod seeking to claim a place at the summit of Mount Olympus.

    Recruit heroes, gather artifacts, and undertake heroic quests.

  • Black Fleet

    Pirate, merchant, and part-time ship captain, come seek your fortune in the Carribean!

    Develop your ships, combine your sea fortune cards and free the governor's daughter.


Who are we?

You have an idea.
Send us a pitch.
We'll build it.

Space Cowboys, to inifinity and beyond!

Space Cowboys is a new publisher with ambitious goals.

This game creation studio was created in 2013 by the founders and core of Asmodee (the leader in the French gaming market): Marc Nunes, Philippe Mouret, and Croc.

Important players in the market for many years, they have been able to create a synergy which has promoted the growth and the evolution of gaming in France. With Space Cowboys, they wanted to get back to a smaller structure, which would allow them to put out more personal and daring projects. The Space Cowboys have also "recruited" Cyril Demaegd and Sébastien Pauchon, respectively the founders of Ystari and Gameworks, in order to create an alliance of talents and consultants which can offer games going from the American-style boardgame to games based on Euro-style wooden cubes, as well as the /"family plus"/ genre.

  • Marc Nunes

    Marc Nunes

    Marc Nunès founded Asmodee Editions in 1995 and Space Cowboys in 2013. An important actor in the world of boardgaming in France, many popular games published these past twenty years owe him their success.

  • Philippe Mouret

    Philippe Mouret

    Philippe Mouret has taken part in the design (contents and mechanics-wise) of all Asmodee games from the start, and relentlessly tracks artists looking for the new rare pearl.

  • Cyril Demaegd

    Cyril Demaegd

    Cyrille Demaegd is the founder of Ystari, and is responsible for many successful games over the past few years, such as Caylus or Myrmes. Talent scrounger and gaming expert among the Space Cowboys.

  • Croc


    Croc is the author of many role playing and board games, among which Claustrophobia. Indomitable explorer of the gaming world, he chooses, weighs, and shapes the rare projects which match his demanding requirements.

  • Sébastien Pauchon

    Sébastien Pauchon

    Sébastien Pauchon, author and co-founder of GameWorks. Known for his attention to detail and his rigor, he brings a purely Swiss-like clockmaker's focus to the Space Cowboys project. Some even call him mad about heat-shaped box inserts...

Work in progress.