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A few days after having returned from your mission, Tess calls your little group in for a meeting in one of the facility’s conference rooms. The head of the Agency doesn't utter a word as you all take your seats in the cramped room.

Tess seems worried. She suddenly raises her hand and starts moving a finger through the air in repetitive short movements that slowly form an occult shape made of shiny, bluish pearls. The sound of the room slowly becomes more muffled as the outlines of the room become blurry, almost as if they're being erased.


For greater immersion: If Tess is in play, give the device to the player who best personifies her so that they can read the following text aloud:

“We are in a temporal isolation bubble, because what I am about to reveal must remain strictly between us. I've kept this secret for months, but I cannot do so any longer: I must tell you again about the disappearance of the T.I.M.E. Agency. At the time, I thought I was the only one with the power to handle it. I thought I was the one who could bring the revival to fruition, the sole link capable of saving humanity. Trained like a soldier, and guided by very precise tachyonic projections, I was able to save the Agency by recovering the necessary cubes from agents who were just getting back from their mission. Had it not been for these anonymous agents – or “players”, as we called them – nothing could have reborn. And those players... I abandoned them.

I wasn't able to remember straight away: I first thought that I was congratulating them and that they had traveled with us. But vague recollections have begun to resurface recently. The image of their faces, so astonished, remains engraved in my memory. It is as if someone acted on my behalf... I can’t bear feeling this guilty. I have a hunch that what happened there and then is the crux of our story. We have no other choice than to go back there.

I know what you’re going to say: we've already tried, that we can’t transfer in the temporal zone of the event itself, that the attack of the Elois literally erased the Agency's destruction from the Timeline, in complete contempt of any semblance of continuity. I know.

But I think I have a solution.

To that end, we must unmask the leader of the Elois, no matter the cost. We will refer to him as the Guide, for lack of anything better. He is the only to be capable of reviving that moment. To find him, we will be tracking his four Messengers. Doing so should lead us right to him. Now listen carefully: each mission order that begins with 4SK is a mission that serves as a refuge to one or more Messengers. These Elois have in their possession a greenish stone, a receptacle for the Guide’s power, and it is never far from them. We will have to get hold of each of these stones and bring them back here. If a mission bearing that code was previously completed, we will have to check if we didn’t inadvertently bring the stone back, or go back there, if need be. Once we have these four stones, we’ll be be in a position to have a few words with the Guide...


There you have it, agents! Now you know all of it.”


And with a snap of her fingers, the temporal bubble evaporates, and the sound of the room comes flooding back...

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