The design of Splendor, the game.

The first game by the Space Cowboys is the fruit of long work and countless tests.
Who better to tell us about is than Croc, the game's lead designer?

The author.

Marc André

Marc André is a gamer since his youth, but it was in the 80s that he was subjected to his first real gaming jolts with the discovery of roleplaying games.
Very quickly, he designed his own creations for his group of friends, ranging from roleplaying games to wargames before moving on to boardgames.
His first published game is Bonbons (Gameworks) and he managed to convince the Space Cowboys to trust him for their first published game: Splendor.

The artist.

Pascal Quidault

After a stint at art school, followed by time at an architecture and design school, the discovery of digital and its many possibilities have definitely caused Pascal Quidault to fall in the world of visual creation, mainly for fantasy artwork.

Strongly inspired by anglo-saxon artists, he breathes life into various worlds such as heroic-fantasy, dark fantasy, or science fiction.

Currently freelancing, Pascal Quidault works mainly in the world of publishing, roleplaying and videogaming with clients such as Hachette, Gallimard, Flammarion, Lokomodo, Bragelonne, Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games, Mongoose Publishing, Applibot, etc.