A game by Martin Wallace, with artwork from Vincent Joubert.

Civilize a fertile valley with paths covered by dark clouds. Cooperate temporarily with the other players to open paths and share goods, but don’t lose sight of your objectives… as there will only be one winner!

Welcome in the valley of Nebula.

Artisans, transporters, and builders, come practice your trade in the valley of Nebula!

Harvest and grow as you please, develop transport networks as much as possible, and construct everything the community needs.

Great rewards await your success!
Fuming Hyacinthe, Prefect of Nebula

Open quarries and mines from which all players will be able to be supplied.

With the other players, trace paths by clearing the fog and the petrified forests.

Start your build sites. Transport your hogs, wheat, stones, bricks, and wood to them.

When you have gathered the right materials, construct buildings and benefit from their powers… be careful though, your opponents could very well build them before you!

Who will have their statue erected in the great plaza of Nebula?

The author

Martin Wallace

Nebula is a good example of how something can come from nothing. The inspiration for the game came from Nikolaj Wendt, one of my regular playtesters. He had an idea for a game where your actions also benefit other players. Most of the design work occurred while walking into town one day; it's a long but scenic walk. I only showed the game to Space Cowboys because they did not like the other game I had taken along to a meeting with them. Bizarrely enough they said they really liked it, and the rest, as they say, is history. I have to shout out a big thanks for Philippe, CROC, and Marc, not only for publishing this design, but for being incredibly supportive over the years..

The artist

Vincent Joubert

Vincent works in his five-floor datcha in the Lyons area, in the midst of hens and poppy fields. After a brief visit to the fourth-and-a-half dimension, he has been head of the 3D decor department on video games like V-Rally, Kya or the last Alone in the Dark. After several years spent as a layout designer and illustrator for Ankama, he now mainly works as a concept artist for animated movies. When the weather allows it, he also goes back and forth between illustrations for books, video games and board games.

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