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Beside a wide open warehouse made of sheet metal, you spot crates marked with the Agency’s logo alongside an invading vegetation. Standing on a makeshift stage, you overlook an assembly consisting exclusively of members of the Agency.

All eyes are on you.

The crowd is silent. If not for the rustling wind, you could hear a pin drop.


Visibly anxious, Tess Heiden takes the floor and addresses the T.I.M.E Agency survivors:

(For role-playing purposes, hand the device over to the player personifying Tess so that they can read aloud the text below. If no one chose Tess, choose any player to read the text.)

“Hello Agents! We’re gathered today for our first post-escaping assessment. For the first time, I stand before you to recount our actions since the fall of the Agency. I am so proud of what we accomplished.

We have survived.

And we rose from the ashes like the phoenix.


As you probably know, doctors Choi and Carvalho have adapted our temporal transportation caissons so that they can run on Azrak. Yes, we are aware how dangerous it is to use a substance we still know so little about… but we have no choice in the matter!


According to the latest reports, the timeline, as we know it, is fading little by little. Through rifts or paradoxes, the infamous Elois are doing everything in their power to destroy our reality. To make matters worse, obtaining these reports puts us at risk of being found by them.


To persevere, we must keep guarding the temporal continuity. And without efficient technologies like the tachyonic insertion, our job is that much more difficult. The Azrak, dangerous though it may be, is currently our only hope to preserve life in this universe.


So, thank you to everyone here today. Thank you for sticking together and tackling your share of responsibilities. For the time being, we’re doing fine. Keep up the good work. To celebrate our fortune thus far, James will sing a medley of military standards from the 19th century. Just wait, this promises to be a captivating performance…”


Surprised at what he's been volunteered for, James cracks a smile as his colleagues erupt in laughter.

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