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Excerpt from the journal of Joseph, the author's adventuring great-grandfather:

“August 12th, 1921: we've finally reached the port of San Francisco, the last step of our trip around the world, our souls enriched by the encounters we've made and our holds filled with the gifts offered by the people who have welcomed us. Among these relics is a surprising collection of flowers, which comes with beautifully decorated skulls, used for the worship of ancestors. During our journey, I have discovered the rules of a captivating traditional game: ‘The game of skulls’. An incredible mix of bluff and strategy in which it is said that: ‘whoever disturbs the rest of the ancestors by revealing their skulls will immediately lose one of their lives…’ Driven by a mysterious force, I've immediately represented these skulls and flowers, then transcribed the rules. We've practiced this game quite a lot and have discovered all of the subtleties which were required to become the winner.”

Design by Hervé Marly
Artwork by Thomas Vuarchex




6 tribes are represented in the game.

Each of them owns a collection of sacred objects composed of :

  • 3 flower-discs

  • 1 skull-disc

  • 1 card-playing mat assorted to each tribe.

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set up