In February 1678, after a long career of piracy, Henry Morgan cleverly manages to get himself named Governor of Jamaica, charged with driving out pirates and buccaneers! Rather than doing that, he invites all his former "associates" and brothers-in-arms to settle there, where they are able to finally enjoy the fruits of their activities with total impunity. 30 years later, the Great Challenge is organized to celebrate his nomination in true style: a race around the island, at the end of which the winning team is the one having amassed the greatest quantity of gold in its holds. All aboard!



Space Cowboys - JAMAICA

A game by Malcom Braff, Bruno Cathala, and Sébastien Pauchon
Artwork by Mathieu Leyssenne


80 gold doubloons, used for paying port fees and for winning the game!


45 food tokens, essential for movement at sea


45 gunpowder tokens, used to increase the value of the combat die


9 treasure tokens, used to increase the value of the combat die


12 treasure cards, which provide extra powers, gold, or cursed treasures...


6 ships, one per player


1 compass, showing who is Captain for the current round


2 action dice / 1 combat die

6 boards representing the 5 holds in a ship

cartes actions.png

66 action cards in 6 colors


Game Setup


The pirates

Anne Bonny (1697 - 1722 †), still an adolescent when she embraced the life of a pirate. Her first haul was a French merchant ship carrying precious stones. She went out to intercept it completely covered in turtle blood, as were the sails and bridge of her ship. The French sailors were terrified and didn’t fight. Arrested in 1720, she only just escaped the hangman’s noose before starting a second career of piracy under the name of Bartholomew Roberts.

Mary Read ( ? - 1720 †), was born in England at the end of the XVIIth century. Her mother dressed her as a boy in order to acquire an inheritance. She began a military career before sailing for Jamaica where she became close friends with Anne Bonny. They remained inseparable until their arrest in 1720. Mary Read avoided the hangman’s noose by pretending to be pregnant but died shortly thereafter of yellow fever in prison.

Samuel Bellamy ( ? - 1717 †), was an English privateer better known as  “Black Sam” and nicknamed the “Prince of Pirates”. His career came to a sudden end on April 27th 1717 when his ship sank off Cape Cod during a severe storm taking with it a considerable amount of booty. A team of divers discovered his ship in 1984: it is the only known pirate ship ever to be rediscovered.

John Rackham ( ? - 1720 †), was better known as “Calico Jack”. He owed his nickname to the brightly coloured calico clothes he wore. Arrested many times, he always managed to escape with the help of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the two most famous women pirates. He was finally imprisonned and hung in 1720 in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

Olivier Levasseur (~1680 - 1730 †), or “The Buzzard”, ranged over the Indian Ocean and was so-called because of the rapidity with which he descended on his prey. Standing on the gallows, the rope around his neck, he threw a cryptic note into the crowd, shouting “Find my treasure, he who understands it  !”. 
Ever since, many devotees and treasure hunters have tried to find the location of his fabulous wealth.

Edward Drummond (~1680 - 1718 †), known as “Blackbeard”, exercised a reign of terror in the Caribbean from 1716 to 1718. He was renowned for setting light to cannon fuses in his beard before assaulting enemy ships, causing panic in their ranks. Intercepted by the Pearl, an English sloop, he died and was then decapitated at the end of a long battle that has since become famous and during which he was wounded no less than 25 times. Neither his ship nor his treasure have ever been found.