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Beside a wide open warehouse made of sheet metal, you spot crates marked with the Agency’s logo alongside an invading vegetation. Standing on a makeshift stage, you overlook an assembly consisting exclusively of members of the Agency.

All eyes are on you.

The crowd is silent. If not for the rustling wind, you could hear a pin drop.


Visibly anxious, Tess Heiden takes the floor and addresses the T.I.M.E Agency survivors:

(For role-playing purposes, hand the device over to the player personifying Tess so that they can read aloud the text below. If no one chose Tess, choose any player to read the text.)

“Hello Agents! I think this is the first time that we are all gathered at the same place and at the same time since… since the fall of the Agency. So, the time has come to assess our operations… And I won’t beat around the bush: we’re terrible. Truly terrible.


We spend too much Azrak, our efficiency during missions is laughable, and, more often than not, we take the easy way out. If we wish to prevent the Elois from modifying the very threads of time, and moreover, assure the integrity of the world as we know it, we must concentrate. We must shed all futility.


We all have responsibilities. In our former Agency, we didn’t have to bother with logistics, security, or our environment. We lived in a cocoon thanks to the Consortium’s machines and employees. We only had to go on missions, come back, get yelled at by Bob, and go drinking at the Red Light.


But now we have to handle everything, and not only in the past or an alternate reality. The future is unfolding before us, here and now. The future will be shaped by what we do today.


So, for all active agents’ sake, wake up! Yes, we’ve all been very busy, we know we're supposed to get better, but truth be told, we’ve accomplished next to nothing. We must improve. If we don’t, we our signing our own death warrants. The timeline is still under threat. Our mission begins now. Wake up!”


As Tess leaves the stage, without even looking at the audience, the eerie silence seems even more pronounced. Stunned by her speech, the crowd disperses in silence, Tess' last words echoing through each of their heads... “Wake up!”

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