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The story until now…

IMPORTANT: This text has spoilers and very important information about the T.I.M.E Stories universe and story. It reveals several elements of the White Cycle scenarios, the T.I.M.E Stories novel (written by Christophe Lambert and published by Bragelonne, and the Chronicles (available at


The T.I.M.E Agency

Time travel was discovered during the 22nd century by a scientist named O.B. Ronn. With aid from Earth’s most powerful corporations, the T.I.M.E Agency was founded to deal with those threats discovered during the first excursions, namely the existence of parallel dimensions and alternate realities. Located in Switzerland, where the particle accelerator resides, the team comprised a small number of scientists and very well-trained volunteers.


The Agency defined a strict temporal transfer process and established rules with the intent of avoiding paradoxes, rifts, and other anomalies. A powerful artificial intelligence was devised to observe and analyze the countless possibilities created by the alternate realities the agents discovered.


The T.I.M.E Agency soon observed that the primary space-time continuum, the one that led to its creation, had to be protected at any cost from the external manipulations so as to avoid the destruction of the Agency… and the rest of humankind along with it.


For temporal and physical security, the Agency was moved to the fringes of human space exploration. Some of the few extraterrestrial species discovered during the expansion were invited to join the T.I.M.E project. There was much to learn from their diversity of experience.


However, enemies were soon identified: the Syaans appeared lawless, and had their own technology for moving through time and realities, and their objectives were in opposition to those of the Agency. And the Elois, even more mysterious, seemed bent on destruction. The Agency discovered that the actions of these two species had led to the eradication of several realities.


During the course of their mission, several agents discovered that the future of the Agency and the primary space-time continuum were at risk: there were too many factions within the Agency, and as a result, its interests were in conflict with those of the Consortium (the Agency’s governing body), which in turn impeded recruitment. With the majority of the Agency’s staff embroiled in the resulting politics and bureaucracy, very little useful action could be taken, which only further aggravated the situation.


The Marcy Hope

In spite of everything, a small group (O.B. Ronn, Laura, Razovsky, and Bob) secretly took things into their own hands and established an audacious backup plan. One of the missions, involving Marcy Cullingan – a young American girl from the 20th century – proved to be, over the course of numerous AI simulations, the only way to save the Agency, and would require a significant modification of the primary space-time continuum.


In this main timeline, otherwise known as NT (Neutral Timeline), Marcy died in a lab experiment, an intention kept secret. To save the young girl, the Agency had no choice but to authorize a temporal distortion: the injection of a virus into “reality”, causing… zombies to emerge in a small American city in 1992! The notion of NT, the sacred timeline to be preserved, became a lie.


The agents involved soon discovered that the Syaans had secretly participated in this mission in order to ease Marcy’s rescue, thereby laying the groundwork for a hesitant reconciliation.

Marcy went on with her life in this newly created space-time continuum, without T.I.M.E’s knowledge, slightly modifying the future to include its own safeguard…


New run

Meanwhile, the danger threatening the Agency’s downfall was drawing ever closer: numerous quantum research based reports revealed that the demise of T.I.M.E was caused by the time travel process itself! When a temporal “run” is launched, a safeguard cube appears near the location of the mission. Each cube is a physical remnant of an Agency-created disturbance. These cubes, if left in said reality, will simply crumble away over time. However, several agents were in the habit of bringing them back as souvenirs.


It was thought that these cubes were nothing more than technological avatars, impossible to reproduce or use for any tangible benefit. Yet, the Elois discovered that with a collection of these cubes, it would be possible to triangulate the Agency’s location. Acquiring enough of them proved to be a difficult and tedious task; the Agency had become wise to the Elois’ goals. With the help of their secret allies, the Syaans, they attempted to thwart the Elois’ efforts.


Try as they might, the Agency could not prevent the Elois from launching their destructive operation during the “Madame” mission.


Fortunately, the initiators of the Marcy plan were given enough warning: a small group of newly recruited agents, Tess and her team, harnessed the cubes’ energy to transfer part of the Agency to a mysterious destination at the last minute. They had relocated to an island, somewhere on Earth, displaying strange, extratemporal characteristics that somehow protected its inhabitants from the annihilation brought forth by the Elois.


The T.I.M.E. Agency, as you knew it, no longer exists. And you are the only ones left who can hope to have anything of use rise from its ashes. With any luck, you may be able to preserve and stabilize reality. The survival of humankind and other intelligent species of the universe depends on it.


Will you be able to foster an alliance with the Syaans? Will you find Razovsky or O.B. Ronn? How will you escape from the Elois? There’s no T.I.M.E. left. We must start anew. It’s now up to you to define the Agency’s future.


TIME Stories’ second run starts now!

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