Discover the latest version of Caylus, the famous board game, initially released in 2005. Redeveloped by the original team, Caylus 1303 revisits and modernizes the mechanisms of its elder.

« Welcome to Caylus, Master builders!

Construct farms,  sawmills, markets guilds, and other buildings on this road. Your workers will have to labor under the provost's watchful eye, gather the required resources, and construct the greatest castle to obtain prestige and the king's favors. »

A game by William Attia
Artwork by Andrew Bosley

Recruit and send your workers to the Caylus road.

Construct buildings and increase your action opportunities.

On each turn, make strategic decisions.

Use the powers of influential characters.

Compete with your opponents to control the provost.

Obtain the king's favor by delivering resources.

Become the most

prestigious builder.

The rounds are swift and flowing, combining simple rules with an almost infinite replayability.

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  • Space Cowboys jeux de société

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