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Beside a wide open warehouse made of sheet metal, you spot crates marked with the Agency’s logo alongside an invading vegetation. Standing on a makeshift stage, you overlook an assembly consisting exclusively of members of the Agency.

All eyes are on you.

The crowd is silent. If not for the rustling wind, you could hear a pin drop.


Visibly anxious, Tess Heiden takes the floor and addresses the T.I.M.E Agency survivors:

(For role-playing purposes, hand the device over to the player personifying Tess so that they can read aloud the text below. If no one chose Tess, choose any player to read the text.)

“Hello Agents! As agreed, the time has come to assess the state of our operations since we hastily left our former Agency.


I'll get straight to the point: the assessment is a mixed bag, and leaves me uneasy about the upcoming days. Although our missions for preventing new Timeline disruptions went quite well overall, our recruiting efforts have proven difficult. We are understaffed and it is crucial that we see improvement in this area.


Also, it seems that bad habits are taking hold: it is true that we have been trained for specific tasks, but we need to begin cross-training. Do you really think that packed food grows on trees? That potable water magically appears in our storage? That sanitary and medical equipment somehow oozes out of the green gelatin that surrounds our island? It is vital that each of you participate in the community efforts to keep the Agency from becoming a den of iniquity…


One last thing. Yes, it is true that the Azrak is derived from the green gelatin thanks to a process originally created by the Syaans. And I realize that it must be difficult for the oldest of you to trust such a substance, knowing that its creation relies on the knowledge of a people long regarded as our enemy. But we must not forget that it is also thanks to the Syaans that we are alive today!


So, forget your old habits, your old gripes, and your outdated beliefs. We must adapt to this new system, to this new way of living. We have no choice: we must stick together. Training and developing your own personal skills as an agent is great. But, dedicating your time and efforts to the Agency and each other is essential. Let us never forget that the Elois are out there waiting for us to make a mistake. And when we do, they will find us, and they will annihilate us. Do not be discouraged! Stick together and we will be victorious!”


Tess falls silent. Her heart is pounding, her fists clenched. Witnessing such conviction, many are speechless. But several encouraging cheers pierce through the hushed crowd, and an eruption of applause follows suit.

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