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Space Cowboys Sherlock Holmes Detective Conseil
Space Cowboys Sherlock Holmes Detective Conseil

Dive into an archeological race!


Guide your team as you explore legendary sites!

You must decide wether to form small expeditions for quick progression    or larger expeditions, more efficient but slower to assemble; the choice is yours!

2-6 players 
60 min. 
Designed by  Paolo Mori
Illustrated by John McCambridge
"So, who will bring the most prestige to the Archeos Society?"
Machu Picchu.png


Space Cowboys Sherlock Holmes Detective Conseil
Tuile Botaniste.png
Token Profs.png
  • 1 rulebook

  • 1 score Track

  • 6 double-Sided Archeological Site Boards 

  • 159 cards

  • 54 vehicules (9 o each in 6 shapes and colors)

  • 6 player tokens

  • 1 Botanist tile

  • 1 Linguist track

  • 36 relic tokens (6 of each in 6 colors)

  • 6 museum boards

  • 6 Professor tokens

Piste Linguiste.png
Archeos_Society - 3D - Gauche.png
Locations V2.png

Archeos Society: An explorative race through six continents!


On each of your turns. you will either recruit a new explorer, or launch an expedition by playing your cards using a group of matching colors or roles.

Choose your expedition leader wisely: they will determine which region your explore, and provide a special ability for that expedition.

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